You can be a digital nomad in the US for a year rent-free! — Andy Sto

Live the landing lifestyle contest

How can I participate?

Who are the judges?

  1. Evita Robinson: a pioneer in the digital nomad community and urban travel movement. She is the founder of Nomadness Travel Tribe and Nomadness TV. She is also a contributing editor at Conde Nast Traveler magazine.
  2. Chris Elliott: a columnist at the Washington post, USA Today and founder of Elliott Advocacy that advocates consumer rights.
  3. Taylor Stoddard: a writer for Forbes, Maxim and Guest of a Guest. Taylor does PR+Sponsorship for Tag Heuer.
  4. I, Andy Stofferis: a digital nomad blogger, remote work and digital nomadism expert. I’m also co-founder and partner of Sendabee an E-learning in digital marketing and digital marketing agency.



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Andy Sto

Andy Sto

Digital Nomad focused in #remotework and #digitalnomadism