Why Asynchronous Work Will Become the New Normal — Andy Sto

Due to the changes in the world the work environment has continued to evolve along with its definition. More and more positions are being completed remotely in one’s home or different destinations across the globe as one team member can be in an entirely different country working virtually alongside you. However, work can still be completed productively and effectively with the right strategies while adapting a healthier work formula.

Synchronous Work

The Stress of Synchronous Work

Asynchronous Work

Scheduling a set time to address your inbox in your agenda is a beneficial way to effectively clear out your email and not have missed information or unclear answers. The respondent understands that you will address their concerns and requests and know that it will be in totality, not requiring several other follow-ups to finally get a full response. This method can allow an employee to feel respected knowing that the work they are doing at other times is also of importance and deserves to be interruption-free.

Freedom in Asynchronous Work

Accessing online shared documents and power points is another example of powerful asynchronous communication and work tools. The documents can be edited or reviewed when it is convenient for each party as opposed to spending countless minutes with back-and-forth emails working out a time that works best for all those involved. It is not dependent on location or time zone; they are always available.

Power points and clear documents can easily be sent out to staff for review and training instead of coordinating schedules for in-person team meetings. Staff can access them and insert a time to do so in their calendar for the week and minimize many unnecessary meetings.

Asynchronous Work + Remote Work = a winning combination

The stress level of an employee can decrease knowing that their manager is not a few steps away to add more pressure visiting their workspace. The employee has the responsibility to know the work needs to be completed promptly and sets their schedule accordingly. The pressure comes from themself knowing that their place within the company is reliant upon the success and completion of their duties. One must have a sense of responsibility for creating their structure for the day and evaluate how they most effectively work. This independence can empower an employee as opposed to being monitored and directed.

Benefits in Asynchronous Work

Having an employee feel valued, respected, and empowered are side effects of asynchronous work. The level and quality of the work reflect this as one can focus on their predetermined schedule with a clear mind while having a positive mental attitude which in turn benefits the company.

Originally published at https://andysto.com on June 1, 2021.

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