What Exactly is Worldschooling and What are the Benefits? — Andy Sto

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The Reality

Important Questions About Worldschooling

Is school compulsory?

Can worldschooled kids sit exams?

Will worldschooled kids be behind their peers?

Benefits of Worldschooling

  • Experiencing things first-hand. Reading about things in books, seeing them in movies and then conjuring them in your imagination is fantastic, but its not quite the same as seeing the real thing.
  • Expanded socialization. Some people say that something worldschool children miss is the socialization of school; but this is only one form of socialization (and not always a healthy one). Meanwhile, worldschool kids will often have to figure out how to get on with diverse groups of people of different ages, social backgrounds, religious beliefs, and so forth. What better way to prepare for the “real world”.
  • Adaptability. One of the most important things that children need to learn is creative problem-solving skills and adaptability. Children that live with the relative insecurity of travel learn these lessons quickly. In a world that is changing faster than any of us could have imagined, this is more important than ever.
  • Curiosity. It is impossible to travel and not be curious. You encounter so many unfamiliar people and places, all with stories to tell. Wooldschoolers learn to be curious, to have the courage to ask, and to confront the unknown with curiosity and empathy, rather than fear and prejudice.
  • Love of learning. The fact is that not everyone learns the same way, but we expect all children to fit into the same formal education environment. Children whose method of learning doesn’t suit this environment often grow to dislike learning because of this struggle. Part of worldschooling is learning your way, so worldschooled children tend to learn to love learning.

The Verdict



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