Top 6 Virtual Mailboxes for Digital Nomads and Remote Businesses — Andy Sto

Virtual mailboxes and why you might need one

There are many different reasons why people may need virtual mailboxes. Here are some examples of reasons why they’re useful:

Having a fixed permanent address and a professional business image

You may need a physical address in a particular city or country, but if you’re not living there it can be tricky to always rely on friends and family to handle your important correspondence and packages for you. That’s why many remote workers, digital nomads and people who run businesses remotely like to opt for virtual mailboxes.

Having someone to deposit checks, open and scan your mail or forward your mail

There are many services that these virtual mailboxes can provide. For example, you may need help with depositing checks, or you might receive bills via the post and need someone to forward them to you so you can make payment. Or perhaps you need to be able to receive packages and then have them forwarded to different locations. These are all examples of services that can be performed by virtual mailboxes.

Receiving, storing and forwarding packages

You can use a virtual mailbox as a way of storing packages until you return, and you can even get some of them to open various packers and then repack them as one big item to ship elsewhere, which can save you a lot on shipping fees. Many banks only send new credit cards or statements to a physical address or to addresses in your country, so if you’re overseas then having a virtual mailbox can be very useful too.

Paperless mail management in real time from anywhere

Having a smart mailbox also means paperless mail management with constant access to important documents in real time, from anywhere in the world.

How to choose a virtual mailbox service

There are various factors to consider when opening a virtual mailbox account:

  • Price: Some companies offer monthly or annual membership or service plans, others offer pay-as-you-go payment options. Prices vary from just a few dollars a month, depending on what services and add-ons you’re looking for.
  • Services: Most service providers offer mail forwarding, scanning, shredding and recycling. Some offer innovative and convenient apps, others offer ad-on services. You’ll need to consider what your exact needs are and compare pricing options and services provided.
  • Global or local: Depending on what address you’re looking for and where you want it to be located, you’ll need to look for providers that have locations in the city you’re looking for. Some providers have limited locations, so you may need to look widely to find the city of your choice. There are also some local providers that may only operate in your chosen city — we mention a few in the final section.

Top 6 virtual mailboxes for remote workers and digital nomads

Here are some of the best international virtual mailbox services providers, that are suited to digital nomads in particular, as well as remote working professionals and business owners or entrepreneurs.

1. US Global Mail

US Global Mail is a global virtual mailbox provider for people and companies around the world.

2. Virtual Post Mail

VirtualPostMail also provides a global virtual mailbox service and offers a variety of plans, starting from $20 a month, to suit different budgets and needs.

3. Anytime Mailbox

One of the best features about Anytime Mailbox is that they have a huge variety of over 1200 mailbox addresses to choose from. That means there’s a good chance they operate in the city where you live, or where you’ll be travelling to. Their virtual mailbox locations include places like Australia, Puerto Rico, China, Croatia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa and the UK. This makes their service particularly appealing to digital nomads.

4. BPM Lux

BPM Lux is a global virtual mailbox service that has 10 country locations that include Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada, USA, UK and Australia. Their services target people who are keen to do worldwide shopping and then have their purchases forwarded to them — to get around the fact that not all retailers ship to everywhere in the world. Included in your BPM membership, is access to all 10 of their location addresses. They also offer mail forwarding, scanning and sorting — as well as notifications of incoming mail and mail storage.

5. iPostal1

iPostal1 is a global digital mailbox and mail forwarding provider that boasts over 2000 addresses in 9 countries. These include locations in Italy, Spain, USA, UK and Canada. Their reasonably priced plans start from $9.99 a month and they provide a free app so you can easily manage your mail.

6. PostScanMail

PostScanMail is an international digital mailbox service provider with over 400 locations. Many of these are in US cities, but they also have locations in Europe, Canada, Grenada, and Singapore. Their pricing includes 3 different packages, starting from $15 a month.

Having your own digital mailbox as a you travel the world

Not every remote worker or digital nomad still receives items via mail or courier, so not everyone will need a virtual mailbox. But for those who do, being able to pay for a service like this can help you to streamline and uncomplicate your business operations while working remotely in a different city or country.



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