Top 6 Virtual Mailboxes for Digital Nomads and Remote Businesses — Andy Sto

Virtual mailboxes and why you might need one

Having a fixed permanent address and a professional business image

Having someone to deposit checks, open and scan your mail or forward your mail

Receiving, storing and forwarding packages

Paperless mail management in real time from anywhere

How to choose a virtual mailbox service

  • Location: check to see if the virtual mailbox is located conveniently, and in a city where you want to have an address for mail to be delivered and forwarded from
  • Price: Some companies offer monthly or annual membership or service plans, others offer pay-as-you-go payment options. Prices vary from just a few dollars a month, depending on what services and add-ons you’re looking for.
  • Services: Most service providers offer mail forwarding, scanning, shredding and recycling. Some offer innovative and convenient apps, others offer ad-on services. You’ll need to consider what your exact needs are and compare pricing options and services provided.
  • Global or local: Depending on what address you’re looking for and where you want it to be located, you’ll need to look for providers that have locations in the city you’re looking for. Some providers have limited locations, so you may need to look widely to find the city of your choice. There are also some local providers that may only operate in your chosen city — we mention a few in the final section.

Top 6 virtual mailboxes for remote workers and digital nomads

1. US Global Mail

2. Virtual Post Mail

3. Anytime Mailbox

4. BPM Lux

5. iPostal1

6. PostScanMail

Having your own digital mailbox as a you travel the world



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Andy Sto

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