Thriving Nomads Summit 2021 launches on 16th April — Andy Sto

When you hear about digital nomads, usually, two questions come to mind,

Why would I become a digital nomad?

And how do I become a digital nomad?

Digital nomads are people who work remotely while travelling. They have a job that they can do online and they travel the world while working. Digital nomads can stay in one place from a week to a few months and can be working multiple jobs, freelancing or investing.

The benefits of this lifestyle can be countless; of course, it is not worry free, however it has a bigger range of freedom, a lot of exciting experiences and research proved that it is less stressful than the usual 9–5 lifestyle.

You can become a digital nomad by having a certain skill that you can monetize online. You can use your earnings to travel while working remotely and experiencing new places, cultures and adventures.

But, what about purpose?

Powered by this thought that is shared by many digital nomads, or digital nomad wannabes in every corner of the world, the idea of Thriving Nomads Summit came to life.

The summit, in its second edition, will take place this April on the 16 thand 17 th. It will be held online with participation of over 30 experts in the digital nomadism and entrepreneurship arenas.

About the summit

The summit, over the period of 2 days; with its attendees, topics, panels and workshops, tries to create and emphasize the connection between impact entrepreneurship and digital nomadism.

This is the second edition of the summit. The first one was held last year in August. It was also a 2-day event, and was received with a big success among digital nomads and digital entrepreneurs.

Day 1

The day continues with more 25 sessions already scheduled; covering all types of topics, experiences and success stories of digital nomads that had an impact. They will share how they started and where they are now.

All talks and panels are live, nothing is pre-recorded. This means you can interact with the speakers during the sessions. Many of the sessions run parallelly, so make sure you check the schedule and reserve your seat in the ones you would like to attend.

The topics covered by the panels on day 1 range from nomad villages to altruism, community building, tips on selling your business and acquisitions, contributing to local projects as a nomad, digital nomadism in Africa, sustainable travel, blockchain for social impact and social entrepreneurship, among others.

Day 2

The workshops are divided into 7 different categories, designed to help all kinds of nomads and digital entrepreneurs. These include: for profit with impact, social entrepreneurship, future of coworking and co-living, giving back while remote, workshops, impact on development and nomad/responsible lifestyle.

These seven categories will cover also general topics that interest a wide range of audience, like, crowdfunding, financial freedom and conscious marketing practices.

Speakers and attendees


There are also sessions dedicated solely to networking, like speed networking rounds that include everyone in the event. From attendees to speakers, hosts and partners. These sessions are available throughout the period of the summit.

Digital venue

Airmeet is virtual venue, designed for conferences and summits held online.

Airmeet venue gives the summit a real feel as it has a reception area, a lounge and a stage as well. It gives you the ability to see which session/sessions is live on the virtual stage right now, so you can choose which you would like to join.

The organizers

The 2 ndorganizer is Max Born, a digital marketing expert and founder of Viator Digital Solutions. The 3 rdis Ana Claudia Silva, co-founder of Projeto Nest and Economadia and the last is Jorin Eichhorn, also a co-founder of Economadia and a digital marketing expert.

The organizers are also speaking at several panels during the event.

The fees

With 40 euros you can access day 1 on demand with replays. With 60 euros you can access the workshops on day 2 with the networking sessions and on-demand replays.

And the final option is the full access to the whole event plus perks for 90 euros.

Have you attended similar events before? Will you sign up for this one?

Originally published at on April 4, 2021.

Digital Nomad focused in #remotework and #digitalnomadism

Digital Nomad focused in #remotework and #digitalnomadism