The Benefits of Brain Exercises for Digital Nomads — Andy Sto

1. Learn Something New

2. Learn Another Language

3. Learn A Musical Instrument

4. Learn To Dance

5. Start Meditating

6. Socialize More

7. Brain Training Games

But wait… Do Digital Nomads Need Brain Exercises?

  • While you may be working in new places every few weeks, is the work that you do new, challenging, and different? While you may be surrounded by other new things, work probably takes up a significant portion of your time. So, you might still be spending hours a day on tasks that your brain considers monotonous.
  • Has the time commitment involved in travel and the limitations that a nomadic lifestyle imposes stopped you from pursuing some of your favourite hobbies or otherwise take the time to learn new things?
  • Has your social circle become significantly smaller now that you are no longer somewhere that everyone knows your name? Has travel, language barriers, and anti-social work hours significantly cut down the amount of time that you spend engaging with other face to face?



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