Everything you Need to Know about Malta’s Digital Nomad Visa — Andy Sto

Malta’s new Digital Nomad Visa, the Pros and cons


  1. Malta’s digital nomad visa is essentially 6 months to 1-year residence permit, which is much longer than other digital nomad visas that last 3–6 months.
  2. It’s a Schengen visa. Which means you have the freedom to explore other European countries (that belong in the Schengen area) with the same visa.
  3. It caters to Non-EU citizens, so anyone can apply for it.
  4. It allows you to bring along your family or your partner. Same sex partners are included.
  5. You can apply for the visa online.
  6. The decision is made within 30 days of applying.
  7. The visa costs about 300 euros, which is again much cheaper than other Digital Nomad Visas offered by European countries.


Who is eligible for Malta’s nomad visa?

How do I apply?

Why issue a digital nomad visa?

Why would I go to Malta?

  1. Rich history: Malta’s central position meant that every civilization passed by it and left an impact on its culture. You will see Greek, Roman, Arab, British, Italian and French influence in food, architecture and language. Mystical tales of the Knights of Malta, the reign of kings and conquerors including the mighty Napoleon and its connection to most of the major events in Africa and Europe, will not leave you bored.
  2. Language: English is an official language in the island, thus it is very easy to communicate. Many inhabitants also speak fluent Italian due to its proximity to Siciliy. If you speak Arabic, you will understand a lot of the local Maltese language which is a mix between Arabic and Italian.
  3. Wifi and coworking spaces: Malta already has a rich community of digital nomads, mainly from Europe (that’s why the new visa is targeting non-Europeans). Internet is strong in all parts of the island and there are several co-working spaces, which are now increasing in numbers to cater to the increase in digital nomads.
  4. Climate: More than 300 days of sun, do we need to say more?
  5. Island life: Even though it is an independent state, the island culture prevails in Malta, making the whole environment quite relaxed. It has amazing beaches, the blue lagoon bay will take your breath away.
  1. Proximity: There are international flights from Malta to many destinations. It’s a good hub that offers easy access especially to Europe and Africa.
  2. International environemnt: Malta has a rich international community due to its central location, you won’t ever feel like a stranger.
  3. Friendly and safe: It’s a very safe destination and people are very helpful and friendly.
  4. Easy transportation: Malta is connected by a bus network that is easy to use and covers all the island. However, don’t expect punctuality! buses are often late and unfortunately there is no metro. Driving is also tricky if you are not used to driving on the left.



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