Do I Need to Take a Course to Become a Digital Nomad? — Andy Sto

Do I need a course to become a digital nomad?

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What could be the problem?

  • Some are after your money: Many of these courses are just used as a way to make money; this means they might not offer helpful or accurate content.
  • Some don’t consider personal differences: Many of the available online courses advertise inaccurate criteria, standards and values and link it to becoming a digital nomad.
  • Some are only relevant to a specific segment: Some courses can be irrelevant to you. For example, some courses are designed for specific markets i.e.: USA and the helpful tips and processes they suggest, may not be relevant to you if you are not American.
  • Too many unneeded skills: Some curriculums designed to help you become a nomad include buying a bunch of courses that could be totally irrelevant to you. They try to sell it as an essential skill to becoming a digital nomad.

So, what if I want to take one of the digital nomad courses?



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