Digital Nomad Visa vs Tourist Visa, Which One Should I Apply for? — Andy Sto

Why a special visa?

  1. Covering a legal grey area: Digital nomads usually travel on tourist visas; however, most tourist visas prevent you from working; and since these laws are old, the fact that you work online and for an employer abroad, digitally, is a grey area open to interpretations. Same applies when it comes to paying taxes, which is again governed by old laws that precede the digital era.
  2. Duration: Most tourist visas allow a stay of average 90 days. While this might be enough for some, digital nomads would want to stay, on average, longer than a tourist would. However, they can’t get work visas that require a local contract and tax registration. Thus, the need for a new visa that accommodates this new reality came about.
  3. To attract digital nomads: Having a visa to cater for digital nomads and cover their needs, means the likelihood of attracting more of them is high. Digital nomads are sort of year-round tourists, who contribute to the economies they visit.

Digital nomad visas

So as a digital nomad, which visa should I apply for?

1. The paperwork

2. Processing time

3. The duration of your stay

4. The fees

5. Taxes

6. Your employer

7. Your future plans



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