Best Work Environments For Digital Nomad’s Self-discipline — Andy Sto

Best environments to work as a digital nomad

Location and environment are central factors that can hold sway over your work-related self-discipline. Co-working and co-living spaces are considered best options; in that, they ensure the worker’s creativity and efficiency. In a new city where you know no one, working from your hotel room might feel claustrophobic and suffocating.

Coworking spaces for digital nomads: Stay mentally energized and socially connected

Apart from benefiting from its professional air, the co-working atmosphere is most likely to keep you in a pleasant mood, which is important for your mental health. Better still, the likelihood to meet new people during breaks and lunch times is pretty high, the more you have eye-contact and exchange greetings with others, the more this will make you feel connected to humans.

Co-living spaces for remote workers: work-friendly environment

An equally interesting setting that is designed especially for digital nomads and location-independent freelancers is the so-called co-living space. It remains a great communal housing solution that offers a lot more than cost-efficiency. Indeed, it is a rental solution that grants the opportunity to know, live, and connect with others.

Flexible and efficient self-discipline for Digital Nomads

When options like coworkings and colivings are available, homeworking might become the least of one’s go-to options for high performance during business days. Your hotel room or Airbnb space will be missed and sought as a comfortable sanctuary after a long and tiring day of work. In this case, your private space will be the cosy setting where you enjoy flexible, mindless, and mindful activities, such as hot showers, watching your favourite movies, playing your favourite video games, sleeping, and video-chatting with your friends and family members. You can still perform less heavy tasks on your laptop in your private space though, as appropriate; for instance, checking emails, or browsing some stuff.



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