Belgrade gets you! Why digital nomads are drawn to the Serbian capital — Andy Sto

Belgrade gets digital

Destination Belgrade

  1. It is not in the Schengen zone: If you ever had to apply for a Schengen visa, you would know why this is a good thing. The visa procedure is much easier compared to that of Schengen countries.
  2. The weather: You can experience true summer and true winter in Belgrade, and you can enjoy both. The air in Belgrade is also very clean.
  3. The internet: With an average of 34Mbps, Belgrade’s internet is among the best.
  4. The food: The mix of different cultures and the rich history makes the Serbian cuisine special.
  5. The IT/startup scene: Belgrade has a booming IT sector. The gaming industry, and blockchain startups are expanding in the city.
  6. The cost of living: One of the cheapest cities in Europe; with rent ranging around 300 euros and eating out, going for drink would almost never cost you above 15 euros.
  7. The nightlife: Belgrade is famous for being the center of a very unique nightlife scene in Europe, it has its own genre of music (Techno folk) and many truly unique clubs and bars.
  8. The transportation: while Belgrade is a metropolis, it has none of the disadvantages of living in one. The city is small and walkable, besides the very well-connected transportation network.
  9. The history: Museums are a must see in Belgrade. Afterall you will gather a piece from every stage of the world history in this city.
  10. The lifestyle: The Balkan lifestyle is relaxed and laidback. It promotes a healthy work life balance; and the surroundings in Belgrade help. Just imagine sipping coffee in the park of the Kalemegdan Fortress, overseeing the Sava and the Danube rivers. What stress?



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