All You Need to Know about Romania’s Digital Nomad Visa — Andy Sto

Why to propose a special visa for digital nomads?

Why is the Romanian visa better than other, similar digital nomad visas?

What are the requirements for the Romanian digital nomad visa?

Romania as a destination for digital nomads

  1. Cheap cost of living: You can find an apartment for rent for about 200 euros ($250), however it is usually a walking distance to the center. You can find more quality options for a little over 300 euros ($400) outside the capital, in Brasov or Transylvania. Almost all rentals offer paying by the month which makes your life as a digital nomad easier.
  2. High-speed internet: One of the best in Europe and among the top in the world.
  3. Easy to get around: affordable transportation options, especially among cities. Train rides are affordable and offer beautiful views of Romanian landscape.
  4. The community: Apart from the friendly locals, there is a relatively big community of digital nomads in Romania whom you can meet in the many coworking spaces around the country, especially in Bucharest.
  5. Spaces to work: besides the coworking spaces, coffeeshops, that are suitable for work are all around.
  6. English is available: most young people speak English and most signs are bilingual.
  7. Interesting history: Romania has a rich interesting history and charm to it. The country enjoys a blend of Soviet, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian elements in its culture, architecture and cuisine. Home to beautiful roads, amazing buildings and some of the oldest churches in Europe and many world-heritage sites, Romania won’t let you be bored for a minute. And let’s not forget that Romania is home to the Vlad Dracul legend which is behind the character of Lord Dracula, the first vampire.



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