Advantages of Having a Personal Agenda as a Digital Nomad — Andy Sto

What is a Personal Agenda?

Personal Agendas for Freelancers

Creating a Personal Agenda as a Digital Nomad

Set Clear Goals

  • How much money do you need to earn to support your lifestyle and investments, and how much money would you like to earn in terms of a competitive salary for your chosen field?
  • What is your priority balance between professional success and leisure time, and how much time are you willing to spend working on a regular basis?
  • Are you looking to build your independent freelance business, or do you intend to transition into a different type of role after a certain period of time?
  • What skills and experiences do you need to accumulate to be qualified and desirable for the roles and jobs that you are considering?
  • What kinds of jobs would you like to have in your portfolio and what kinds of clients would you most like to cultivate?
  • Do you have specific priorities, such as developing contacts in a specific region of the world?

Develop a Plan

  • A marketing plan for how you will advertise your services to desirable clients and secure the types of jobs that will contribute to your goals.
  • Parameters for deciding which jobs to pitch for and accept. This may include how much they pay, what region of the world the client is active in, whether it is a one-off job or has the potential to open new doors, and whether the work will allow you to develop and showcase your top priority talents and skills.
  • If you are missing any important skills or experience that are stopping your from getting certain jobs, you may also have a plan to acquire these skills.

Track Progress

The Benefits of a Personal Agenda



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