7 Ways to Show Gratitude In A Remote Team — Andy Sto

1. Celebrate wins

2. Send care packages

3. Offer personal development opportunities

4. Offer a full online team experience

  • Artist-led painting workshops
  • Virtual happy hours
  • Virtual murder mysteries or escape rooms
  • Film viewing and discussion
  • A book club

5. Internal rewards program

  • Awardco — platform designed to help you find the right gift or experience based on your employees’ interests and your budget. It has a huge selection of employee rewards and a seamless integration with Amazon Business. And it even automates important dates like birthdays and notable milestones with rewards. It’s best to use Awardco if you have a team of 100 or more.
  • Giftogram — is more suitable for smaller teams and it’s a streamlined platform for gift cards with a great selection of designs.

6. Encourage peer-to-peer recognition

  • Nectar is a top-rated recognition and rewards platform that enables both peer-to-peer recognition and manager-to-employee recognition. It has partnered with Amazon Business and offers a selection of rewards with quick shipping. And employees can get rewarded for participating and recognizing others. Nectar can be connected with Slack and Microsoft Teams as well. For you, it also provides a great insight into who is working on what, and who often shows recognition to team members and other notable employee behaviours.
  • Assembly is a peer-to-peer employee recognition platform that aims to boost retention and internal culture. Throughout the years it has helped many companies achieve 95% employee engagement which is crucial for success. It has many features including the catalogue of rewards, surveys, games, nominations, automated celebration and integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams. And it’s free to use for teams of ten or less.
  • Kazoo is another great option if you are looking for something that connects performance management with employee recognition. Some of the specific features include a real-time employee recognition feed that increases connection, trackable goals for productivity and a rewards catalogue.

7. Share stories

The Verdict



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